Celts and Romans: Conflict

Llyn Cerrig Bach, Anglesey is the setting for David Petersen’s introduction to a Celtic mystery: why were such places important to the Celts? The story is set in AD 75. We return to the fort on Llanmelin Hill to witness, through the eyes of Buddug’s son Brân, a tribal gathering following a skirmish with the Romans. As the story unfolds we begin to appreciate the differences in military tactics between Celts and Romans. We are also introduced to the Druids and witness a re-enactment of a votive offering to the gods, which helps to explain the importance of sites such as Llyn Cerrig Bach. Back in the present, David Petersen investigates some of the artefacts discovered at Llyn Cerrig Bach and is introduced to a Silurian warrior and a Roman legionary, members of a modern-day re-enactment society. Through discussion, we investigate how such modern interpretations are created. Finally, David Petersen invites us to investigate further the evidence which could lead to different interpretations and offers some suggestions for enquiries.