The Celts: Daily Life

David Petersen and Rasp, his faithful deerhound, explore Llanmelin Hill, near the modern city of Newport, in south Wales. David explores the features of the Silurian hillfort which was once home to this formidable tribe. The story which follows is set in AD 50. We are introduced to ten year old Buddug, who provides us with a brief tour of her village and demonstrates bread making, spinning and weaving, as well as a look at the work of the smith, an important member of the tribe. Back in the present, David Petersen takes us to Castell Henllys, Pembrokeshire, a modern reconstruction of an ancient British fortified village. We see how some of the features we encountered in the introduction have been interpreted by historians and by means of a chat with Cei, one of the site interpreters, we discover how the experts were able to reconstruct a roundhouse. Finally, viewers are invited to investigate their own locality to discover what remains of their own Celtic past.