Salve! That means ‘Greetings!’ to you in the 21st century! My name is Tadius. This website will help you discover what life was like when the Romans came to Wales, two thousand years ago. But before we begin, I’d like to tell you something about myself and my family.

I am a soldier in the Roman army. I was born in Wales in the year AD 110. My mother’s name was Tadia and she was born about AD 90. Her father’s name was Brân, and he was a member of a fierce British tribe called the Silures. His mother (my great grandmother) was called Buddug and she was born even before the Romans came to Wales.

Now look at the timeline of my family and see some of the events in Wales which changed how we lived.

You can find out more about Buddug, Brân, Tadia or Tadius, by clicking on their names and about what life was like when the Romans came to Wales.