Croeso! My name is Buddug. Come with me to explore my village.

I live in a hillfort because my tribe, the Silures, need to be protected from their enemies. The fort is surrounded by a rampart and ditch for defence. Within the ramparts, you can see the houses where we live. They are called roundhouses. You might think that they are very simple houses compared to yours, but it takes a lot of hard work and skill to build them. The roof is made of thatched reeds and the walls are made ofwattle and daub.

Let’s go inside. The fire is the most important thing we have. It keeps us warm and we need it to cook our food. We cook our food in a cauldron. I help prepare the food. My favourite job is to make the bread. We grow the wheat in the fields outside our village. We use a quern-stone to grind the wheat into flour. We mix the flour with water into a thick paste, roll them into round flat cakes and place them on hot stones near the fire to bake.

I also help to make clothes for my family. We use the wool from our sheep. The first task is to spin the wool into yarn. This is my job. I have to twist the threads of wool tightly together to make the yarn which takes a long time. I use aspindle and whorl for this.

When enough wool is spun, it is ready to be made into cloth by weaving the yarn together. I am too young to do this, but my mother and older sister are very clever and know the secret of weaving. They use a loom to weave the yarn.

Can you see the firedogs? They are our richest possession. They were made by our smith. He has magical powers to turn iron, bronze and even gold, into beautiful objects. He makes all kinds of things. He likes to decorate them with mysterious patterns.

Now, let’s see what else you can learn about my tribe, the Silures.